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Download the Picselect Users Guide in PDF format.

Download the Picselect Brochure in PDF format.

How do I register to use the service?

Click on the register button on the purple bar running across the top of the page. This will take you to a form. Fill in all the relevant details, making sure you select the correct country from the drop down menu, as this will affect your access permissions. Also, try to select an area of interest, which will enable us to alert you to any new material that may be of interest to you. The same applies to your company type.
You will not be able to log into the site until you receive a confirmation e-mail notifying you that your account has been activated.

I've just registered, how long does it take to activate my account?

Accounts are activated manually once your details have been verified, which should take no longer than an hour. If you have registered as a freelance journalist, are not from a well-known media organisation or want to use the site in an unorthodox manner, then your registration may be queried and you may be asked to seek approval from the Client from whom you wish to receive images.

I've forgotten my login...

If you can remember your username, click on the forgotten password link and enter your username into the field supplied. You will receive an e-mail with an automatically generated password. Once you have logged in you can change your password to something more memorable.

If you are unable to remember your username please Contact us for help.

How much do the images cost?

The images are free to use, as long as they are used in the correct way and in accordance with the site terms and conditions. The images are for publicity purposes; they must be published either in print or on a web site with the sole purpose of promoting the product, film, exhibition, programme, event, company etc. If you have any doubts or queries about the way in which you want to use an image, please contact us.

What copyright information should we include?

Copyright and credit information is included in the caption. If there is no information, simply credit the company distributing the images, eg Sony Pictures Releasing. If you have any doubts, please Contact us.

How do I download an image?

There are two ways to download an image depending on whether you use a Mac or a PC.
For Mac users (Safari):
Click on the download link to the right of the thumbnail image. This will automatically download the image to your desktop, and open it in a preview window.
For PC users:
Click on the download link to the right of the thumbnail image. Select a download location on your computer, and select Save.

If you click on the image itself and not on the link you will download a watermarked image.

How big are the images?

All the images on the site are JPEGs in RGB colour format. They are easier than TIFF files to upload and download and are of sufficient quality for glossy front page covers and double page spreads.
The image size varies from image to image, depending on the size of the original. However you will find the compressed JPEG file size listed next to each image. Please note this is the compressed JPEG size and not the fully opened size. For example, an image compressed at 500k usually opens up at roughly 7Mb. All of the images should be 300 dpi print quality. If you need a larger image or need help with any of the image size settings, please Contact us.

What is the Daily Bulletin?

If you sign up for our daily bulletin, you will receive a morning e-mail alerting you to all the new material that has been uploaded in the last 24 hours. The bulletin is separated into categories with clickable links taking you directly to the Picselect login page. If no new material has been uploaded you will not receive the bulletin.

How do Mail Shots work?

Picselect staff can communicate with you and other users either via "My Messages" inside the site or to their external email account. If you want to respond to a message in your "My Messages" inbox you can do so and your e-mail will be sent to the Picselect team. If you signed up for mail shots when you registered, you will also receive e-mails directly to your external account, allowing you to be informed when new material is uploaded to the website.

Can I download more than one image at a time?

Yes, using the lightbox facility in the My Account part of the site. (See further instructions under how do I use the Lightbox? Below).

What is a Lightbox?

The Lightbox facility allows you to store and save up to 50 files for future reference. Once you have located a file that you are interested in either select an existing Lightbox from the Store in Lightbox drop down or type in a new Lightbox name in the field provided. Then click the Store button this will save the selected image to the Lightbox you have chosen.

If you want to save another file to the same Lightbox, select the Lightbox name from the drop down and then click the Store button.

Once you have more than one saved Lightbox you can move files from one Lightbox to another. Go to Lightbox within My Account and select the file in the tick box next to it, then select a folder from the drop down and click the move button. The rename button allows you to add a note for your own reference next to the file.

How do I download a selection of files from the Lightbox?

Select the files you would like to download from the Lightbox and click the download button. The selected files will download in a zip file to a location of your choice. You can also change the zip file name if you choose.

We want to use the service to distribute our images...

Great, please go to the Contact Us page and use the form to contact Picselect Sales Inquiries. We will make it a priority to respond to your e-mail as quickly as possible.

Can I access other PA Products?

This depends on what level of access you have and whether the additional services are included in your account. If you do not have permissions to access a service a message will display asking you to Contact us for further advice.

Our other products include:
Mediapoint: Premier breaking news and sports wire service from The Press Association, providing real-time news and sport as it happens. http://www.mediapoint.press.net
Media Lawyer: A bi-monthly legal journal providing a round-up of key media law events and developments for all working in the industry. Go to http://www.medialawyer.press.net for the website.
Lovelacemedia: Provides essential intelligence to senior executives in media, communications and e-business sectors. http://www.lovelacemedia.co.uk

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