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Picselect is The Press Association's publicity material delivery service. It is a leading resource for publicity images and related material. By using both our photographic expertise and unrivalled position at the heart of the media Picselect offers you one simple method of accessing print quality images, press releases, audio and video files free of charge.

We work with a wide range of organisations including arts, government, film, television and public relations. So you will find material from the latest exhibition at The Royal Academy of Art, events on behalf of English Heritage, the latest blockbuster from Sony Pictures through to window displays at Selfridges.

You must be a media company to register. Once your application has been approved, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you to let you know your account has been activated. You are then ready to access the site and download the material you are interested in. Images must be published by your company in a promotional context and cannot be used to support unrelated articles. If you have any queries about using the material or are an organisation wishing to contribute material to the site please use the Contact us

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